Early baseball in Florida

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Items on the following lists with greyed out text have not yet been approved, and are not yet included in official data.

Early games

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Site NY Rules? Team 1 Team 2
View game St. Augustine 1867 9 13 Likely Two nines of army soldiers

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Early clubs

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Nickname
View club Fernandina 1870
View club Fernandina 1882 Island City, Daisy Cutters,Osceola, Transit
View club Jacksonville 1882 Maple Leaf
View club Titusville 1883 Athletics, Magnolia
View club Enterprise 1883 Stars
View club Lake City 1874 De Soto
View club Darien 1886 Royal Nine
View club La Grange 1883
View club Rockledge 1883 5
View club Brooksville 1883
View club DeLand 1883 8
View club Jacksonville 1867 2
View club Gainesville 1883
View club City Point 1883 Awkwards
View club West Palm Beach 1897
View club Miami 1897
View club Lemon City 1892
View club Cocoanut Grove 1892
View club Fort Lauderdale 1909
View club Madison 1879
View club Monticello 1867 6
View club Pensacola 1868 6 Seminole
View club St. Augustine 1867 9
View club Tallahassee 1867 2 Leon
View club Tampa 1884
View club Ocala 1882

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Predecessor games

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Name of game Game notes

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