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This page will walk you through an upload of one image. In this case, a picture from the George Grantham Bain collection downloaded from the Library of Congress. The process applies to any image that is in the public domain. There will be a help page for other types of images (creative commons licensed, self-created images) as soon as possible.

This process is a bit complicated, and requires working with a few technical codes. Making sure all of the images in the Encyclopedia have the proper information does make it a bit harder to add them, but in the long run it will ensure that they are well-indexed, easy to find, and that the collection is sustainable.


[edit] Finding the images

Ty Cobb image page with the ID highlighted

If you're not familiar with the collection, you can read the introduction on the library's George Grantham Bain Collection start page, which also has a link to search.

In the picture at right, I've searched for "Ty Cobb" and selected one of the results. If you click on the image to see it larger, you can see that in the lower right corner of the image, I've underlined a section. That section is the last part of this web address:

Specifically, ggbain.08007. This is the ID of the image, and can be used to find the image in the future. I've copied it down so I can use it later in the process, and you'll see why.

[edit] Saving and uploading the image

Once you've found an image, save it locally. Which version to save is your choice - the larger jpeg view is a good choice for uploading directly to the encyclopedia, but if you're interested in cropping the image, you may better be off with the large tiff. Whether to crop and alter images is beyond the scope of this document, but keep in mind a few common sense guidelines:

  • This article is mostly about using images in infoboxes (such as the image on Ted Cather's page). As such, cropping an image to make the specified player more clear is good.
  • Altering images to improve visibility (for example, removing scratch marks or dust) is acceptable but not necessary. The original image with all of its flaws will be fine.

Once you have the image saved locally, you can upload it. To do so, click the "Upload file" link that appears on the left side of each page (look for it now - it's in the "toolbox" just under the search box).

Clicking the upload link will ask you for two pieces of information - the "destination filename" and the "summary".

[edit] Destination filename

You should create a destination filename based on the content of the image. The following is a good format:

  • Subject-date-creator.jpg

[edit] Subject

Subject refers to what is depicted. Frequently this is one person, and can be the person's first and last name in natural order. For example:

  • Ted Cather
  • Barry Bonds
  • Willie Mays

[edit] Date

Date generally refers to the full date, or whatever is available, represented in Wikipedia:ISO 8601 format, which is a four digit year, followed by a two digit month and a two digit day. For example, this help page was written on December 2, 2009. That would be represented as "20091202". "091202" (leaving off the century) would be incorrect. If we didn't know the day of the month, "200912XX" would be correct. If we only knew the year "2009" would be good.

If the date is not clear, it may help to add information that is clear, such as the team the player was with.


  • 20091202 - December 2, 2009
  • 1916 - Sometime in 1916
  • 189606XX - Sometime in June, 1896
  • 1914 Boston NL - Sometime during the 1914 season, in an event associated with the Braves.

[edit] Creator

Creator refers to the creator, if known. If unknown, just leave it off. Examples of creators:

  • Bain News Service
  • User:GarverP01 (for images created by an Encyclopedia editor)

[edit] Filename example

An example of the entire form, done correctly, is File:Ted Cather-1914 Boston NL-Bain.jpg. This uses the team Cather played for to add information, since we're unsure of the date.

[edit] Summary

Leave the summary blank for the upload; we will enter information about the image in the next step.

[edit] Entering image information

The image information page

Once the image is uploaded, click the "Edit" tab at the top of the page. This will take you to a form that resembles the one at right.

Filling out the information form serves two purposes for images in the Encyclopedia:

  1. To give historical information about the image - historical information
  2. To make it easy to see that we are legally able to use the image - permission information

For very old images, the second point is very easy to document. For images after 1923, it can be more difficult, and it's more important. Please keep both goals in mind when adding information for images.

The documentation below will explain which fields are more important for which purpose.

[edit] Description

This field should describe the original origin of the image and what it depicts. It is entirely free form. This could include where the image was originally published, who appears in the picture, or any other information you feel is relevant.


[edit] Depicts

This can be the name of any article in the Encyclopedia. It will automatically let the Encyclopedia know that an image depicts the subject of a certain article. This can be a person, team, ballpark, league, or any other page that you'd like.

You can also list multiple pages, separated by commas. Keep in mind that this means that you cannot list pages that contain commas.

Examples of valid values:

Linking an image to a page will not automatically make it display on that page, but it will allow us to create a search later on that finds all images associated with any given page, so this field is very important.

[edit] Date

This is simply the date the image was created, but entered in a special form so that we will later be able to sort images by date. You can cut and paste the template from this page for use in your images:

Blank version (for cut and paste):

The template will format the date simply in ISO 8601 format. You only need to enter the fields you are sure of.

If you aren't sure of the date, you can enter a text description instead. If you are sure of all or part of the date, but would like to add a note, you can simply put the note after the template.

[edit] Source (of digital image)

This field should explain how you came to have a digital copy of the image that you are uploading. This field is primarily important It is not necessarily the original source of the image. Some examples:

Image Description Source field
A photograph you took on film and scanned Self-scan of self-created image
A vintage photograph you scanned Self-scan of vintage image
An image from the Library of Congress website {{Image-LOC|RECORD ID}}
An image downloaded from another website

The example above for an image from the Library of Congress uses what's called a "template". If you enter the form shown above, but replace the "RECORD ID" with the image's real record id, it will automatically create a link (see example above).

[edit] Author

If known, the creator of the image. This is a free form field.

[edit] Permission

In most cases, this field will use a template as well. The collection of templates on the Encyclopedia is still young, but the table below should always contain a complete list as the number of templates grows. Templates for Creative Commons licenses and Fair Use should be available before the end of 2009.

The permission field makes it easy for SABR staff to make sure we have asserted a fair right to use the image. Images lacking a good permission field will be deleted unless they were obviously created before 1923 in the United States.

Template Description
{{Image-PD-expired}} Image is believed to be in the public domain due to expired copyright
{{Image-PD-Bain}} Image is from the Library of Congress Bain collection, and in the public domain

[edit] Linking to a player page

You can see how to add an image to a player's page in the article Introduction to editing in the Encyclopedia.

You can copy the name that appears at the top of the page when viewing the file, and paste the name of the image page into the "Infobox image" field on the player's page.

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