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This page will link to all help pages, as they are created. If there is a topic that you think should be covered, please add a note to the discussion page (see tab at top).

[edit] Basic editing

These topics are directed at anyone who wishes to edit the Encyclopedia - they contain basic information on how to make edits and understand the Encyclopedia.

  • Articles: The scope of the Encyclopedia and articles in the Encyclopedia.
  • How to edit a page: Basics on syntax, editing, and saving.
  • Citing sources: Help on including citations from different sources, and how to create footnotes
  • Structure of non-person articles
  • People
    • Adding a page for a person: How and when to create a page for a person not represented in the Encyclopedia
    • Brief biographical outlines: Recommendations for structuring the content of articles on people, when all you have is miscellaneous information from individual newspaper articles or media guides.
    • Editing demographic information: How and when to update demographic information, including names, height and weight, batting and throwing hands, and dates and places of birth or death.
    • Linking to people: Adding links to people who may or may not be in the Encyclopedia.
    • Categories for people: Categories organizing people by roles inside and outside of baseball, and templates for placing person articles in those categories.
    • Career timelines: How to specify formally the roles a person played in his or her baseball career.
  • How to use discussion pages - What to put there, why to put it there, how to put it.
  • Math formulas - How to insert math formulas into articles on statistics.
  • Discussion pages - Why there are "Talk" pages for articles, and how to use them.

[edit] Projects

These topics describe specific projects in the Encyclopedia. They are good reading for anyone interested in these projects.

  • Writing about a person - Writing short biographies and summaries of players is a non-technical research project good for those who know some players well.
  • Adding pictures to articles - A mildly technical project good for those who do pictorial research.

[edit] Advanced Topics

These topics are primarily of interest to people who are interested in the Encyclopedia as a project. These articles all go beyond the process of doing research into topics like moderating submissions, standards, and policies.

  • Help:Cleanup resources: Using the templates and categories provided to organize pages requiring cleanup and improvement.
  • Help:Disagreement: How to deal with unresolved disagreements when sources provide conflicting information.
  • Help:Reviewing revisions: Guidelines for reviewers evaluating contributed edits.
  • General guidelines and information about pages referring to people.
  • Help:Ballparks: General guidelines and information about pages referring to ballparks.
  • Help:External links: The Encyclopedia aims to organize existing information as well as provide an authoritative resource. Here are some guidelines for external linking.
  • Help:Naming conventions - Very technical guidelines on names of pages, templates, variables, etc.
  • SABR Encyclopedia:Job Jar: Looking for ways to help move the project forward in your spare time, without a long-term commitment? The Job Jar lists helpful tasks which can be accomplished in seconds or minutes.
  • SABR Encyclopedia:Projects: Larger projects in progress, or in need of someone to launch or take over.
  • Help:Administration
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