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Welcome to the SABR Encyclopedia of Baseball

Currently featuring entries for 179781 people, 4976 league-seasons, 31871 team-seasons, and 681 ballparks.

Featured Project: Spread of baseball
The American national game of base ball, by Currier and Ives, 1866
SABR's Origins Committee is taking the lead in documenting early games of baseball and its antecedents around the world.

If you're curious about the earliest history of the modern game of baseball, please visit Protoball. This is an exciting emerging area in baseball research, and there is much still to be learned. You can help by contributing research on the earliest baseball in your area.

You can explore the project now at

Things to see

Welcome! New to the SABR Encyclopedia? Get oriented with the welcome screencast.

To get started, you can look up a person by typing their name (either full name or surname only) in the search box at left, and hit enter. So, typing "Babe Ruth" (without the quotes) will find you the Bambino, while "Ruth" alone will give you all people in the Encyclopedia with the last name Ruth.

The long-run goal of the Encyclopedia is to be the first stop to learn more about any baseball-related topic. The term "encyclopedia" in sports has become synonymous with a tome of tables with statistical data. General-knowledge encyclopedias, however, focus on prose narrative and often avoid tabulation of quantitative information. The SABR Encyclopedia will bridge this gap by recognizing that statistics are central to the culture of baseball, but that at the same time baseball is much more than just statistics. Here you will find, either on the site or via links, biographies, source citations, interviews, photographs, and other resources intended to help broaden and deepen the reader's knowledge about any baseball topic.

Getting involved

If you would like to get involved in building the Encyclopedia, here are some starting points:

  • Introduction to editing – Information about the editing process and editorial review (text or screencast video).
  • Projects:
    • Short bios – Brief narratives about players; a non-technical research project good for those who know some players well.
    • Pictures – Uploading pictures and connecting them with their subjects; a mildly technical project good for those who like pictorial research.
  • Other things to know:
    • Help – Index of all help pages (this link is at the left of every page)
    • Known Issues – Technical and organizational problems in the Encyclopedia that are known to the design team.

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