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This is a list of other firsts in baseball – firsts that are not tied strongly to a geographical location.

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You can download the list of firsts in CSV format: Download other baseball firsts (CSV)

Page (click to view) Year Month Day City State Country Description
View entry 1860 Mariposa CA US First Game Slated for a Gold Mining Town
View entry 1860 Brooklyn NY USA First Game Played on Ice Skates
View entry 2012 5 3 Cincinnati OH US First Game On Both Starting Pitchers's Birthday
View entry 1870 6 14 Brooklyn NY US First Switch Hitter
View entry 1905 CA US First recorded game between two different non-white races
View entry 1939 8 26 New York NY US First Major League Game Televised
View entry 1949 10 New York NY US First televised World Series
View entry 1873 8 8 Little Rock AR USA First mention of Negro Baseball in Arkansas
View entry 1924 10 3 Philadelphia and Kansas City PA and MO US First Colored World Series
View entry 1880 9 2 Nantasket MA US First Night Game Played Under Lights
View entry 1964 US First Games Played by Unsighted Players
View entry 1939 5 17 New York NY US First Televised Baseball Game: Princeton 2, Columbia 1
View entry 1960 8 25 First Game at the North Pole
View entry 1859 6 28 New York (Brooklyn) NY US First distance-estimated home run
View entry 1859 11 3 New York City NY US First Intercollegiate Game by Association Rules
View entry 1894 7 13 Little Rock AR US First night game under lights in Arkansas
View entry 1919 Salt Lake City UT USA First team of Japanese Immigrants to US
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