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The 12-character SABR person ID associated with the person who is the subject of the (parent) page; type string. This is intended for use on the keys subpage for a person page, where it cannot be modified by accident (at least not easily).

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Pages using the property "Person-key-sabr"

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A Bigelow (1680) +1680d4ea  +
A Blake (8387) +8387d8b7  +
A Blasingame (9aec) +9aeceefa  +
A Bliss (617c) +617c9ed6  +
A Borders (a718) +a7183097  +
A Boyer (d2b5) +d2b5a267  +
A Boz (999d) +999db78a  +
A Brady (09d9) +09d9f025  +
A Breitenstein (489b) +489b9fed  +
A Breiting (d45e) +d45ee2bd  +
A Brian (0688) +0688ceab  +
A Briggs (a9ea) +a9eae49b  +
A Brindle (aeaf) +aeafa6f4  +
A Brisco (2455) +245519be  +
A Britten (404d) +404de426  +
A Brock (b096) +b0960c41  +
A Brown (485f) +485fc183  +
A Burkett (4fc0) +4fc0416c  +
A Burleson (70a4) +70a4144a  +
A Burris (f994) +f994aabf  +
A Buster (61e2) +61e27bef  +
A Button (bcd6) +bcd6fbec  +
A C Drewry (6a7d) +6a7d167f  +
A Campbell (0bd2) +0bd2847b  +
A Carlo (f0df) +f0df12a7  +
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