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The 12-character SABR person ID associated with the person who is the subject of the (parent) page; type string. This is intended for use on the keys subpage for a person page, where it cannot be modified by accident (at least not easily).

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Pages using the property "Person-key-sabr"

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A Chapin (983c) +983c46c1  +
A Chappell (1c3d) +1c3d6145  +
A Citrano (9fb9) +9fb9e2b1  +
A Clark (59f8) +59f8a864  +
A Clayton (7892) +789298ba  +
A Clements (14a3) +14a3752a  +
A Colburn (7338) +7338ab29  +
A Conley (ce77) +ce7734a5  +
A Connelly (1046) +104690ef  +
A Cook (6a90) +6a90eb55  +
A Cooper (5585) +55858027  +
A Corcho (e42e) +e42e4639  +
A Cosgrove (c086) +c086e398  +
A Craig (7138) +7138aabf  +
A Crain (6004) +6004022e  +
A Cross (5542) +5542cfeb  +
A Cummings (f1cd) +f1cd17bb  +
A Dallas (5227) +5227c163  +
A Davis (5ede) +5ede32d3  +
A Davis (d49a) +d49aeb2b  +
A DeCosta (bc88) +bc88e85a  +
A Dick (abcb) +abcb25b6  +
A Dingler (84ff) +84ffea92  +
A Dockery (487e) +487e7781  +
A Donalson (a454) +a454c683  +
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