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The 12-character SABR person ID associated with the person who is the subject of the (parent) page; type string. This is intended for use on the keys subpage for a person page, where it cannot be modified by accident (at least not easily).

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Pages using the property "Person-key-sabr"

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A A Clark (a38f) +a38fcbfd  +
A Adams (107f) +107fc485  +
A Adkins (90e2) +90e26a10  +
A Agnew (41a3) +41a38614  +
A Ahlin (02d8) +02d8c996  +
A Ahorn (e353) +e353cb69  +
A Albright (f005) +f00573be  +
A Allen (0c5f) +0c5feed0  +
A Anderson (4a58) +4a588e06  +
A Anderson (7917) +79178156  +
A Anderson (f4dc) +f4dc1248  +
A Ashe (5c56) +5c561a95  +
A Atkinson (c73f) +c73f7189  +
A Bailes (1cb0) +1cb02a7a  +
A Baker (f790) +f790295c  +
A Bandelin (2d39) +2d396518  +
A Barrett (c477) +c47786d8  +
A Bartliff (9863) +986305a5  +
A Bauer (3177) +3177031c  +
A Benbow (0498) +04987049  +
A Bennett (c5fe) +c5feda1d  +
A Bergman (201f) +201fab40  +
A Berkley (9cdd) +9cddfbbd  +
A Bernier (1130) +1130dc41  +
A Betts (1776) +17766072  +
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