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 | name_last        =
 | name_first       =
 | name_given       =
 | name_suffix       =
 | name_matrilineal =
 | name_nick        =
 | bats             =
 | throws           =
 | height           =
 | weight           =
 | birth_month      =
 | birth_day        =
 | birth_year       =
 | birth_city       =
 | birth_state      =
 | birth_country    =
 | death_month      =
 | death_day        =
 | death_year       =
 | death_city       =
 | death_state      =
 | death_country    =
 | cemetery_name    =
 | cemetery_city    =
 | cemetery_state   =
 | cemetery_country =
 | bioproj_url      =
 | bioproj_author   =
 | indexterms       =

The person infobox summarizes basic biographical and demographic information about a person. The information in infoboxes is synchronized against a master database of people. As such, editing these infoboxes is a primary way of submitting new and revised information about people. Following the conventions described below is very helpful in keeping the database clean and standardized.

The infobox implements the following parameters.

  • name_last: The last (family) name of a person. Where a person plays under an assumed or Anglicized name, indicate the name he played under here. Be sure to indicate his legal name in the article.
  • name_first: The name by which the person was commonly addressed. This may be a diminutive, his middle name, or a common nickname. For instance, the "nameFirst" for George Herman Ruth would be "Babe."
  • name_given: The full given name of the person. Excludes the family name, any disambiguating suffixes, or matrilineal names for Latin players.
  • name_suffix: A disambiguating suffix to distinguish sons from their (grand)fathers, such as "Jr.", "Sr.", "III", or "IV". Include the period in "Jr." or "Sr.". Do not precede with a comma.
  • name_matrilineal: For people of Latin descent, the mother's last name is often kept as part of the child's name. This is often rendered in baseball sources in parentheses.
  • name_nick: Any nicknames associated with the person. For our purposes, these would be names used to refer to a person, for example, in print, but he would not typically be addressed by. "The Sultan of Swat" would be a name_nick for Babe Ruth. Some sources, including team and league media guides, include as "nicknames" variations on the player's last name which are used primarily by his teammates. These should not be included in this field, unless they also see wide use in published materials. For instance, a John Smith might be called "Smitty" in the clubhouse; that is only a name_nick if the local papers also routinely call him "Smitty."
  • bats, throws: The player's preferred batting and throwing hand; use 'R', 'L', or 'S'. Indicate the hand used most often; if the player experimented with switch-hitting, for instance, indicate that as a note in his page.
  • height: The person's height in inches.
  • weight: The person's playing weight in pounds.
  • birth_year, birth_month, birth_day: The person's date of birth. Use four digits for the year.
  • birth_city, birth_state, birth_country: The person's place of birth. Use the two-letter postal codes for US states and Canadian provinces. The two-letter ISO code for countries is preferred (e.g., the United States is US).
  • death_year, death_month, death_day, death_city, death_state, death_country: The person's date and place of death, following the same conventions as the date and place of birth.
  • cemetery_name, cemetery_city, cemetery_state, cemetery_country: The burial place of the person.
  • bioproj_url, bioproj_url: The full URL and name of the author for the person's Bioproject bio, if it exists.
  • indexterms: A semicolon-separated list of terms that should bring a visitor to the page if typed into the search box.
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