All Pro Freight Stadium

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All Pro Freight Stadium
Location: Avon, OH (US)
Capacity: 3,500 seated; 5,000ish total

All Pro Freight Stadium has been the home of the Frontier League Lake Erie Crushers since June 2, 2009.

The stadium was constructed in just under eleven months, with groundbreaking on July 1, 2008[1], and the first game played in the stadium (a high school all-star game) on May 30, 2009[2]. It has a capacity of approximately 5,000, with 3,500 in seats and 1,500 on grass in the outfield[1].

In November 2009, the Ohio Department of Taxation announced that it was investigating the City of Avon to discover whether the city misled the department in applying for tax exemption for the stadium site in 2008[3].

Occupants edit
Lake Erie (Frontier) 2009-2009


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