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Welcome to the development site for the SABR Baseball Encyclopedia project

Currently featuring articles about 179781 people, 4976 league-seasons, 31871 team-seasons, and 681 ballparks.

Things to see

Since the Encyclopedia is still in development, it is more of a project than a resource. If you are interested in doing research and helping build the Encyclopedia into a more valuable resource, you can get started with one of the projects listed on the right.

If you are here to use the Encyclopedia as a research resource, you will find that it offers approximately the same (or more) information on professional players as the old SABR Encyclopedia. Currently, this includes:

  • Playing statistics for Major Leaguers from Pete Palmer's database
  • Playing statistics for minor leaguers from the SABR Minor League Statistics Project (as available)
  • Pictorial History records for Major Leaguers
  • Links to other SABR research on players (in development)

To find information a player, just enter their name (full name or surname) into the search box at left and hit enter.

For a quick example of how most articles look now (unfinished), see Warren Spahn. For an example of a well-developed article, see Grady Sizemore.

Sabrpedia.org also features research from the Collegiate Baseball Committee. Much of the research has not been fully integrated into the Encyclopedia (this is a project in progress), but the information is there and may be useful to you.

You can browse college information using Category:Colleges or enter the name of a college in the search box and hit enter.

Getting involved

If you would like to get involved in building the Encyclopedia, there are three well-defined projects that you can start with immediately. Start by watching or reading the general guide to the editing process, then look at the projects below.

  • Introduction to editing – Information about the editing process and editorial review (text or screencast video).
  • Projects:
    • Short bios – Brief narratives about players; a non-technical research project good for those who know some players well.
    • Pictures – Uploading pictures and connecting them with their subjects; a mildly technical project good for those who like pictorial research.
    • Collegiate Baseball – Integrating existing research into the encyclopedia; a technical project of organization good for those comfortable with wikitext.
  • Other things to know:
    • Help – Index of all help pages (this link is at the left of every page)
    • Known Issues – Technical and organizational problems in the Encyclopedia that are known to the design team.
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