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Location Australia
Year 1855
Month 9
Date 22
City Hobart
Country Australia
Was NY rules baseball Doubtful
Played by Unknown

From Protoball Entry #1855.29 – Even the Australians Are Bothered by Sunday Baseball

"Sabbath Desecration. – A correspondent requests us to call attention to the practice of a number of boys and young men, who congregate in Mr. Wilkinson's paddock, near Patrick and Murray Streets, on Sunday afternoons, for playing at cricket, base-ball, &c., making a great noise, and offending the eyes and ears of persons of moral and religious feeling."

Colonial Times [Hobart], Saturday, September 22, 1855, page 3. Posted to the 19CBB list November 21, 2009, by Eric Miklich. Subsequent comments from Bob Tholkes and Richard Hershberger [11/23/09] led to conjecture that this form of "base-ball" arrived Down Under directly from its English roots, for in 1855 American presence was largely restricted to the gold fields. Note: Hobart is on the northern coast of the island that has been known as Tasmania since 1856.

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