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Items on the following lists with greyed out text have not yet been approved, and are not yet included in official data.

Early games

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Site NY Rules? Team 1 Team 2
View game Santa Barbara 1847 4 Doubtful Army Side 1 Army Side 2
View game San Francisco 1860 2 22 Yes SFBBC Red Rovers
View game Sacramento 1860 2 Likely SBBC Union
View game Stockton 1860 6 Likely Sacramento BBC Stockton BBC
View game Stockton 1860 9 Likely Sacramento Stockton BBC
View game San Francisco 1860 10 Yes Eagle BBC Em Quads
View game Fort Yuma 1876 4 Likely
View game San Mateo 1870 Likely St. Mary's College boys Students of Santa Clara College
View game San Francisco 1858 11 10 "on the grounds opposite South Park" Likely
View game San Francisco 1851 3 Doubtful
View game Stockton 1860 5 25 Unknown SBBC Live Oaks
View game Sacramento 1860 9 Yes Eagle Club (San Francisco) Sacramento
View game Stockton 1860 10 Unknown Sacramento Stockton
View game Sacramento 1860 4 Likely Sacramento Union Club (Sacramento)
View game Ravenswood 1860 6 Unknown Eagle Club (SF) Em Quad (SF)
View game San Diego 1871 5 6 "the Plaza in New Town" Yes
View game Oakland 1866 Unknown

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Early clubs

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Nickname
View club San Francisco 1860 6 Eagle Club
View club Monterey 1871
View club San Joaquin Valley 1879 Calavaras BBC
View club Marysville 1870 American
View club Riverside 1878 9
View club Colton 1878
View club Mokelumne Hill 1877
View club Santa Cruz 1866 12
View club Santa Clara 1867
View club Oakland 1866 Live Oak, Wide Awake
View club Ventura 1873 10
View club Sacramento 1860 4
View club Sacramento 1859 11 14 Sacramento BBC
View club Nevada (Nevada City today) 1860
View club Princeton 1860
View club Mariposa 1860
View club Stockton 1860 3 Stockton Base Ball Club
View club San Diego 1871 Extempore
View club San Rafael 1871 Ne Plus Ultra?
View club San Bernardino 1870 Actives
View club Los Angeles 1869 10 Energetics, St Vincent's College
View club Vallejo 1871 10 Kearsarge
View club Napa 1873 Actives

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Predecessor games

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Name of game Game notes
View game Santa Barbara 1847 4

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