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Items on the following lists with greyed out text have not yet been approved, and are not yet included in official data.

Early games

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Site NY Rules? Team 1 Team 2
View game London 1856 9 12 Unknown London Delaware
View game Victoria 1863 3 Unknown
View game Fort Brattleford 1876 Unknown
View game Hamilton 1859 5 24 Likely Toronto Young Canadian Hamilton Young American
View game Hamilton 1860 8 30 Yes Niagara (Buffalo) Young Canadian (Hamilton)
View game Victoria 1872 Unknown Olympics of Victoria Washington BBC of Olympia, WA
View game Victoria 1877 5 24 Beacon Hill Yes Victoria Seattle Alkis
View game Victoria 1878 5 16 Beacon Hill Likely Victoria Seattle Alkis
View game Victoria 1882 5 24 Beacon Hill Yes Victoria Independents University of Washington, Seattle
View game Victoria 1869 5 25 Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Yes Olympic Base Ball Club of Victoria Rainier Base Ball Club of Olympia, W. T.
View game Halifax 1868 Unknown

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Early clubs

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Nickname
View club Hamilton 1859 4 Young American
View club Monckton 1862 Monckton BBC
View club Montreal 1860 8 1 Excelsior
View club Prescott 1860 Greenville, Victoria
View club Brantford 1862
View club Toronto 1859 Young Canadian
View club Victoria 1866 Olympics
View club Winnipeg 1874 Garry
View club Guelph 1869 Maple Leaf
View club Woodstock 1860 Young Canadians
View club Emerson 1878 4 4 Emerson BBC
View club Portage la Prairie 1876 Portage la Prairie BBC
View club Burnside 1876 Star

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Predecessor games

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Name of game Game notes
View game Beachville 1838 6 4 unknown
View game Saint John (New Brunswick) 1840 unknown
View game Huntingdon (Quebec) 1839
View game Halifax (Nova Scotia) 1841 1 7 "Game of Ball and Bat"
View game Victoria 1849 Rounders
View game London (Ontario) 1856
View game Hamilton 1854 MA game
View game London (Ontario) 1856 The Canadian game (?)
View game St. Thomas 1855 MA game
View game Woodstock 1836
View game London 1840 Rounders
View game Toronto 1803 4 13 "Playing Ball"
View game Hope Game of BAll"
View game Red River Settlement, Manitoba 1835 "Bat"

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