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Location Chile
Year 1867
Note on date Not laterr than February 1867
City Valparaiso
Country Chile
First in Chile Yes
Found by Richard Hershberger

News of two early base ball clubs in Chile is reported in this article:

"Dear Mercury -- The folowing is the score of a game of bse-ball, played on the Race Course grounds in <this?> place, between the officers of the U.S. flag-ship Powhatan and the Chalaca Base Ball Club, the latter composed of American residents of Callao.

"It may be interesting to know that this is the first match game of base ball ever played in South America, and it promises to be the forerunner of many morer, as the Americans seem determined to show off the beauties of their national sport to the uninitated Peruvians and Chilanos. Along the coast many clubs are forming, Valparaiso [Chile] boasting of two. It will pleasantly break the monotony of the life our officers on the Pacific stations lead, and give them a much needed opportunity for exercise. Cricket is played in all parts of the world where there are Englishmen -- why not base ball where there are Americans?"

The account includes a box score showing that the ship's officers won, 35-30.


Philadelphia Sunday Mercury, March 10, 1867.

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