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Location Massachusetts
Year 1858
Month 11
Date 3
City Cambridge
State MA
Country US
Nickname Lawrence Baseball Club

From Protoball Entry #1858.51 – At Harvard, Two Clubs Play Series of Games by New York Rules

The Lawrence Base Ball Club and a club from the Harvard Law School played "regular matches" on campus. The Lawrence Club's 1858 Constitution stipulated that "the Game played by this Club shall be that known under the name of the �New York Game of Base Ball'" under its March 1858 rules, and that it would play no other game. The dates of the games against the law school and the nature of that club as not known, but accounts exist of intramural games in 1858.

"The Lawrence Base Ball Club," The Harvard Graduates' Magazine, Volume 25 (March 1917), pp 346-350. Accessed 2/16/10 via Google Books search ("lawrence base").

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