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Location Puerto Rico
Year 1896
Month 6
Country Puerto Rico
Was NY rules baseball Unknown
Played by Unknown
Team 1 Almedares
Team 2 Borinquen

"It is generally acknowledged that the Cubans introduced baseball to Puerto Rico shortly before the end of th Spanish-American War in 1898. A newspaper box score appearing in June 14, 1896, documented the first reported game as Borinquen, the Carib Indian name for the island, played Almendares, a team of Cuban expatriots. The newspaper deemed the game 'dangerous for human beings and a silly form of entertainment."

Thomas E. Van Hyning and Franklin Otto, Puerto Rico: A Major League Steppingstone.

"Puerto Rico's baseball origins stretch back nearly as far as those of any of its Caribbean rivals. The first known game on Borinquen (as the island is called by its natives) have been placed as early as 1897, the same year in which the long-time colony achieved independence from Spain."

Peter C. Bjarkman, Diamonds Around the Globe (Greenwood Press, 2005), page?

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