Early baseball in Vermont

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Items on the following lists with greyed out text have not yet been approved, and are not yet included in official data.

Early games

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Site NY Rules? Team 1 Team 2

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Early clubs

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Nickname
View club Pawlet 1860
View club Danville 1867 Caledonia
View club Morrisville 1867 Olympic
View club St. Johnsbury 1867 9 Union
View club Cabot 1867 6 19 Winooski
View club Burlington 1866 Home
View club Gouldville 1866 8 Athletic
View club Northfield 1866 8 Atlantic
View club Huntington 1870 Strangers
View club Jamaica 1860 8 Green Mountain
View club Brattleboro 1860 8 Mechanics
View club Chester 1861 4
View club Burlington 1866 12 Home BBC
View club St. Albans 1866 12 Crescent
View club North Pownal 1866 Putnams
View club Pownal 1866 10 Titan
View club Brattleboro 1867 Burnside
View club Montpelier 1867 Rural
View club Marshfield 1867 Ethan Allen

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Predecessor games

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Name of game Game notes

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