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Location Washington, D.C.
Year 1860
Month 5
Date 5
City Washington
State DC
Country US
Site Potomac Club Grounds
Modern address Washington DC
Was NY rules baseball Yes
Played by Locals
Team 1 National
Team 2 Potomac
Team 1 Score 15
Team 2 Score 37
Length 7 innings
First in Washington, D.C. Yes
Found by Craig Waff

This game appears on the Protoball Games Tabulation (Baltimore/Washington Table) compiled by Craig Waff. It was reported in Porter's Spirit on May 26, 1860.

Washington's population in 1860 was about 75,000. It was the 14th largest city in the US.


Porter's Spirit of the Times, May 26, 1860.

Details from Craig Waff's Games Tabulation are at http://protoball.org/images/7/7c/GT.BWash.pdf.

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