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Location Washington
Year 1867
Month 5
Date 29
City Vancouver
State WA
Country USA
Site Occidental Club grounds
Was NY rules baseball Yes
Played by Locals
Team 1 Pioneer BBC (Portland, OR)
Team 2 Occidental BBC (Vancouver, WA)
Team 1 Score 79
Team 2 Score 62
Length 9 innings; 3 hours, 45 minutes
First in Washington Yes

The Pioneer club of Portland traveled to Vancouver, Washington, to play a match with the recently formed (February) Occidental BB Club.

Covered by both local newspapers, the nearly 4 hour match saw lots of scoring. There were also some rules questions on player eligibility and changing positions, and the umpire was replaced in the middle of an inning.

The Occidental Club kept adding runs at a fairly even pace. The main aberration to their nearly 7 runs an inning pace was a 20 spot in the 6th, followed by a scoreless 7th. The 7th inning was the only frame where they didn't score at least 4 times.

The Pioneer club scored in a more feast-or-famine way, though they did score in every inning. They had innings of 8, 11, 12, 14, and a 24 was posted in the 2nd inning.

In the Vancouver Register version, after the Pioneer club scored 12 in the 2nd and two men were out, there was a dispute over a caught foul tip that could/should have been the third out. The original umpire declared the batter not out, which it was then decided that his third missed call should end his less than stellar day of umpiring. He was replaced with Mr. Barclay of the Clackamas Club of Oregon City. However, at the behest of the Pioneer players, the original call was upheld, and the inning continued. The Pioneer offense would tack on 12 more runs.

The Oregonian reported the dispute and the change in umpires, but didn't address the question brought up by the Occidental Club as to when the second inning should have ended. The Register made the point that the inning should have ended and would have tightened the outcome considerably.

In the end, the Pioneer Club carried the day 79-62. Both teams were treated to a hearty meal before the Pioneer Club returned to Portland.

Vancouver WA is about 10 miles N of Portland OR and about 115 miles S of Seattle.


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