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You will not need to add a person page very often, and if your research is limited to professional players, you never will. However, if you are researching executives, college coaches, broadcasters, or other people involved in baseball who did not play, you may need to create a page.

A baseball personage can (and should) have his or her own page in the SABR Encyclopedia if he or she meets a standard of notability. For a general discussion of the concept of notability, see Wikipedia's definition. As a baseball-specific encyclopedia, the SABR Encyclopedia considers a much larger set of baseball personages notable. Any person who has played, been field manager, umpired, or been a team or league executive in a fully professional league should have their own entry in the Encyclopedia. Other personnel, such as scouts, may also be notable if enough is known about them, and/or they have a sufficiently long career. Significant amateur and semi-pro players may be notable, especially in eras or geographical regions where fully professional leagues did not exist.

The next step is to ensure that the person does not already have a page. You should search for the player's use name, along with variations, and for last name only, in case a page exists with a variant first name that you couldn't anticipate - if one does, you would be much better off renaming the page than creating a second.

Freshly created page for Judge Landis

For example, if you wished to create a page for Kenesaw Mountain Landis, it would be best to try all of these search terms, to be safe:

  • Kenesaw Mountain Landis
  • Kenesaw Landis
  • Judge Landis
  • Mountain Landis
  • Landis

The next step is to actually create the page. To do this, type the name for the page into the search box (this should be the person's use name, for example Kenesaw Mountain Landis). You will see a screen like the one below, and you should click on the section that is highlighted in that image - it will lead you to a form to create the new page.

To create the page in the standard form, just enter (or copy and paste) the following text, scroll down, and press "Save page":


That will take you to the page, which will look like the image at right.

You can then click the links to create an infobox (with vital details) and a page text (with narrative) for the person. The process for editing infoboxes and narratives is in the process of becoming more structured, but will be described on this page when it is complete.

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