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The SABR Encyclopedia defines categories to organize articles about people who had particular roles within baseball, as well as significant roles outside the game.

The preferred way to place a person article in any of these categories is to use the indicated template, which should be placed in the pagetext for the person. The template handles making sure to assign the main article to the category, and not the subpage. In addition, some templates define additional fields which can be used to store more information about the person's role, and/or may take other actions (such as displaying a box) in addition to placing the person in the category.

[edit] Roles within baseball

Category Template Description
Category:Hall of Famers Template:person-hall-of-famer Was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

[edit] Roles in sports other than baseball

Category Template Description
Category:Pro football players Template:person-pro-football-player Played professional football.
Category:Pro basketball players Template:person-pro-basketball-player Played professional basketball.
Category:College athletes Template:person-college-athlete Played a sport other than or in addition to baseball in college.
Category:Olympians Template:person-olympian Played in the Olympics (in a sport other than baseball).

[edit] Roles in society at large

Category Template Description
Category:Actors Template:person-actor Actors, whether stage or screen.
Category:Authors Template:person-author Authors. Includes authors who wrote about baseball only; should not include people whose only writing credits were autobiographies and/or ghostwritten works.
Category:Politicians Template:person-politician People who served in elective office.
Category:Veterans Template:person-veteran People who served in active duty in the armed forces of a country (U.S. or other).
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