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"Cleanup" is a generic (and non-pejorative) term for the process of organizing information in the Encyclopedia in a standard and coherent way, to maximize its usefulness as a research resource. Cleanup is primarily about structure, format, and readability; for issues pertaining to factual accuracy, see the tools available under Help:Disagreement.


[edit] Cleanup categories and templates

Articles are categorized based on the type of cleanup activity required. All cleanup categories should be placed within the master category Category:Articles needing cleanup. Individual articles should be assigned to one or more of the cleanup subcategories, and not to the master category.

Since the SABR Encyclopedia makes significant use of subpages for content organization, the best practice is to place the main article only, and not the subpage, into the appropriate category. For each cleanup subcategory, there should be a corresponding template which contains the logic to accomplish this. The template can then be placed on any subpage, and will result in the main article, and only the main article, being assigned to that category.

Articles should always be placed into these categories using the corresponding template. In addition to assigning the article correctly to the category, these templates may take other actions as well.

[edit] General-purpose categories and templates

These categories can be used on any article which requires the indicated actions.

Category Template Description
Category:Articles that need to be wikified Template:cleanup-wikify Articles that require the introduction of markup for internal and external links, sources, and/or formatting.
Category:Articles that need copyediting Template:cleanup-copyedit Articles that require improvements in basic English grammar, mechanics, and/or sentence organization, or revisions for style, tone, and encyclopedic content.
Category:Articles that need sources Template:cleanup-sources Articles that have no sources, or have significant claims which are not sourced appropriately.
Category:Articles beyond encyclopedic depth Template:cleanup-long-article Articles which go into more depth than is typical for an Encyclopedia article, which may be suitable for publication in a secondary source format.
Category:Articles with peacock terms Template:cleanup-peacock Articles with peacock terms which promote the subject of the article without imparting verifiable information.
Category:Articles that should be renamed Template:cleanup-rename Articles that should be renamed; indicate in the discussion page why you think the article should be renamed.
Category:Articles that should be removed Template:cleanup-remove Articles that should be removed; indicate in the discussion page why you think the article should be removed.

[edit] Section-specific and citation-specific categories and templates

These templates are used to mark particular sections or claims within an article for further action.

Category Template Description
(n/a) Template:citation-needed Flags a statement which should be accompanied by a specific citation or note indicating a source or further reference.

[edit] Research leads categories and templates =

These are used when unsourced information is available, for example, from emails to the Encyclopedia editors. Unsourced information should never be incorporated into an Encyclopedia page. Instead, place it on the corresponding talk page, and use these templates on the main article to indicate the existence of the information. This is intended for information that is in principle verifiable by published sources, with the idea that these could make good research leads in the future.

Category Template Description
Category:Person articles with research leads Template:research-person-leads Flags a person article to indicate unsourced information is available on the corresponding talk page

[edit] Project-specific categories and templates

Within the Encyclopedia, projects working on specific domains of knowledge may absorb content from existing resources. The resulting articles generally require significant, holistic attention to fully integrate them into the Encyclopedia. Project-specific categories and tags include:

Category Template Description
Category:College articles requiring cleanup Template:cleanup-college Articles imported from the Collegiate Committee database.
Category:College articles requiring conversion Template:cleanup-college-convert Collegiate articles for which all attendees have a {{person-school-attended}} record in their careers. These need to be converted to use a query to list players. This template does not display a box.
Category:People with possible career errors Template:cleanup-career People whose pagetext indicates that there is a problem with their playing engagements.

[edit] How to mark articles for cleanup

  1. Determine the appropriate tags from the table above.
  2. Include the tags at the top of the article you are editing. For person, team, league, and ballpark pages, include this at the top of the pagetext page.
  3. If you have specific reasons for recommending the cleanup action(s), note them on the corresponding talk page.
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