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This page lists the first known claim that a baseball club was formed to play modern base ball in each state. We would expect the entries on this list to change, once new data comes to light in each state. In some cases, more evidence is needed to confirm that the listed club played by New York rules.

You can also download the list of games in CSV format: Download list of first baseball clubs (CSV)

Page (click to view) Year Month Day City State Country Nickname
View club 1866 8 Prescott AZ US
View club 1857 5 2 Little Rock AR US
First club in California 1860 4 Sacramento CA US
First Club in Colorado Territory 1862 3 29 Denver CO US Denver Base Ball Club
View club 1858 Stamford CT US Mazeppas
View club 1865 10 2 Wilmington DE US Diamond State Base Ball Club
View club 1856 Chicago IL US Union
View club 1860 South Bend IN US Hoosiers
View club 1864 4 29 Independence IA US
View club 1866 Fort Leavenworth KS US Frontier
View club 1866 Fort Scott KS US Fort Scott
View club 1858 Louisville KY US Louisville Base Ball Club
View club 1858 Portland ME US Portland Base Ball Club
View club 1858 Baltimore MD US Excelsior
View club 1857 Boston MA US Tri-Mountains
View club 1857 8 Detroit MI US Franklins
View club 1859 9 1 Saint Louis MO US
View club 1860 Manchester NH US Granite Base Ball Club
View club 1855 Jersey City NJ US Pioneer Club
View club 1845 9 23 New York NY US Knickerbocker Base Ball Club
View club 1856 Newburgh NY US Newburgh
View club 1860 Cincinnati OH US Buckeye Base-Ball Club/Live Oak
View club 1866 6 2 Portland OR US Pioneer Base Ball Club
View club 1858 Philadelphia PA US Philadelphia Tigers Social Club
First Club in Texas 1859 2 24 Galveston TX US
View club 1860 Pawlet VT US
View club 1866 Richmond VA US Union
View club 1860 4 Norfolk VA US Henry Clay Club, Sumpter Club
View club 1860 4 Norfolk VA US The Sumpter Club
View club 1859 Washington DC US Potomac Club
View club 1865 11 Wheeling WV US Star, Anchor, Hunkidori
View club 1860 4 2 Milwaukee WI US
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