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The city (or lowest-level administrative division) in which a person was born; of type string.

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A Phillips (f8af) +Gaffney  +
A. D. Ayers (0917) +Windham  +
A. G. Mills (abcc) +New York  +
A. G. Patterson (ef56) +Ilse  +
A. J. Battisto (9c3e) +Pottstown  +
A. J. Johnson (d9d4) +Mansfield  +
A. J. Leday (d593) +Neptune  +
A. J. Pinera (13a6) +Odessa  +
A. J. Quinn (97c6) +Boston  +
A. J. Van Slyke (7b94) +St. Louis  +
A. J. Wideman (f631) +Mississauga  +
A. J. Zapp (cb5c) +Indianapolis  +
A.J. Achter (8631) +Oregon  +
A.J. Ampi (c231) +Red Bluff  +
A.J. Bozenhard (d368) +St. Petersburg  +
A.J. Burnett (f10c) +North Little Rock  +
A.J. Cole (0596) +Winter Springs  +
A.J. Davidiuk (59d5) +Livingston  +
A.J. Ellis (74a2) +Cape Girardeau  +
A.J. Ford (5e4e) +Salt Lake City  +
A.J. Griffin (fa23) +El Cajon  +
A.J. Hinch (8a47) +Waverly  +
A.J. Jimenez (1fc8) +Bayamon  +
A.J. Kirby-Jones (bbbe) +Knoxville  +
A.J. Montano (ddec) +Phoenix  +
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