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The 8-character Retrosheet person ID associated with the person who is the subject of the (parent) page; type string. This is intended for use on the keys subpage for a person page, where it cannot be modified by accident (at least not easily).

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Pages using the property "Person-key-retro"

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A. C. Bredberg (7042) +bredg901  +
A. D. Ayers (0917) +ayeru901  +
A. G. Mills (abcc) +milla901  +
A. J. Quinn (97c6) +quina901  +
A. N. Nichols (593d) +nicha901  +
A.J. Burnett (f10c) +burna001  +
A.J. Ellis (74a2) +ellia001  +
A.J. Hinch (8a47) +hinca001  +
A.J. Murray (f11e) +murra001  +
A.J. Pierzynski (28b4) +piera001  +
A.J. Sager (20ff) +sagea001  +
Aaron Bates (9530) +batea001  +
Aaron Boone (a824) +boona001  +
Aaron Clapp (28d6) +clapa101  +
Aaron Cook (4678) +cooka002  +
Aaron Cunningham (47c3) +cunna001  +
Aaron Fultz (eebd) +fulta001  +
Aaron Guiel (a38f) +guiea001  +
Aaron Harang (4e6b) +haraa001  +
Aaron Heilman (764b) +heila001  +
Aaron Hill (33db) +hilla001  +
Aaron Holbert (02d8) +holba001  +
Aaron Laffey (9793) +laffa001  +
Aaron Ledesma (ad26) +ledea001  +
Aaron Looper (3a49) +loopa001  +
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