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The full given name of a person, excluding the family name. When known, this should be the person's full legal name. Suffixes (II, III, Jr., etc.) should be included after a comma. This field should never be empty; if a person's legal name is not known, this should be equal to their "encyclopedia" name (see Property:person-name-first.)

For Latin players, the matrilineal name is included here in parentheses.

This property has type string.

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Pages using the property "Person-name-given"

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A A Clark (a38f) +A A  +
A Adams (107f) +A  +
A Adkins (90e2) +A  +
A Agnew (41a3) +A H  +
A Ahlin (02d8) +A W  +
A Ahorn (e353) +A  +
A Albright (f005) +A A  +
A Allen (0c5f) +A F  +
A Anderson (4a58) +A  +
A Anderson (7917) +A J  +
A Anderson (f4dc) +A R  +
A Ashe (5c56) +A A  +
A Atkinson (c73f) +A B  +
A Bailes (1cb0) +A  +
A Baker (f790) +A  +
A Bandelin (2d39) +A  +
A Barrett (c477) +A H  +
A Bartliff (9863) +A  +
A Bauer (3177) +A  +
A Benbow (0498) +A M  +
A Bennett (c5fe) +A J  +
A Bergman (201f) +A H  +
A Berkley (9cdd) +A  +
A Bernier (1130) +A F  +
A Betts (1776) +A  +
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