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This is a sketch page to list possible design issues in organizing information in the Encyclopedia. Specifically, one of the design goals is that as much information as possible is tagged using template syntax. This will make it possible to systematically search and extract information, whether using Semantic MediaWiki, or using bots.

There are many categories of information that will be available to editors when revising a page for a person (or other entity). Of these, what are types of information for which special coding using template syntax (or other methods) should be recommended?

Some possibilities:

  • Pitching a no-hitter
  • Being named to a league All-Star team
  • Acquisition in a draft (free agent, Rule V, etc.), often noted in media guides
  • Acquisition by other transaction, often noted in media guides
  • Signing/recommending person, often noted in media guides
  • Relationships (father, son, brother, etc.)
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