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External links are potentially an important feature of any page. Like any encyclopedia, the SABR Encyclopedia aims to be both a useful informational resource in itself, as well as pointing the reader to places to learn more. There are many excellent resources on the Internet; the Encyclopedia does not need to go it alone and cover every last detail.

External links, therefore, should be liberally included on pages where relevant. There are few specific restrictions on what can be linked to, as long as the page or site is relevant to the topic. Links to commercially-operated sites are acceptable; the only requirement is that the content being linked cannot require membership or subscription to access.

[edit] Sectioning

External links should be organized in a top-level section (i.e., surrounded by two equal signs in the wiki markup) titled "External links". (Note the lowercase ell.) Links should be organized as a bullet-point list. Use descriptive text rather than the raw URL where possible.

[edit] Link templates

There are some sites which are likely to be linked to by many pages. If you are linking to one of these standard sites, please link using the templates provided in Category:External link templates to help maintain a standard formatting.

Links to some sites can be generated and maintained automatically; in particular, links to player pages on and You need not take the time to create links to pages on these sites, as an automated program will handle that on a periodic basis.

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