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The Job Jar is a list of suggested editorial tasks which require some human attention. These are designed to be tasks which can be completed in seconds or minutes with little prior knowledge or training. They are a great way to help out the progress of the SABR Online Encyclopedia without having to invest large chunks of time; you can do many of them in those idle minutes of your day.

[edit] Formatting notes and sources

As a transitional phase before the launch of the SABR Encyclopedia, the Minor Leagues Database tracked miscellaneous information about people using a "researcher's notebook" feature. The Encyclopedia allows us to capture this kind of information (and much more) in the wiki format. The contents of the researcher's notebook have been imported into person pages into a section called "== Notebook ==" which is present on pages for people for whom there was a notebook entry. These entries need to be reformatted to match the Encyclopedia's conventions.

To find pages where there are outstanding notebook entries, search on "== Notebook ==" (without the quotes). Notebook entries fall into two broad categories, source notes, and miscellaneous information. These should be distinguished as follows. Miscellaneous information should be moved to be directly below a person's {{person-narrative-stub}} tag. (If a person's page no longer has this stub because some narrative has been written about the person, simply work the information into the narrative, if it hasn't been done already.) Source notes should be moved to a section named "== Sources ==", located directly below the </references> tag. Sources should be converted to the appropriate citation template. The available citation templates are described at Citing sources. If you can't find one that matches the type of source you have, feel free to create a new one (and add it to the list on that page); if you have a citation that has extra fields not covered by the template, feel free to add them (and update the template's documentation).

To see an example of a page where both types of notebook entry have been converted, look at Wilmer Aaron. The note about his relationship to Hank Aaron was a miscellaneous information note, and the fact that information about him was obtained from the 1974 Indians organizational record book was a source note.

For the very common case where an obituary is a source, use title=Obituary in the cite-newspaper entry, unless you have a specific article title.

[edit] Navboxes for places

(This is slightly more advanced, and is a good project for someone who has become comfortable with editing the wiki.)

Each geographical place of significance should have a navigation box (navbox) which ties together articles related to the place, including ballparks, teams that played there, and so forth. Many of these navboxes need to be created. To see the navboxes which are needed, visit Special:WantedTemplates, where you will see many redlinked navboxes listed. Click on the redlink to start editing the navbox. Use existing navboxes as a model: see Category:Place navboxes for examples. It is recommended to select towns with relatively few team-seasons, unless you have some programming experience and can autogenerate the links for teams with many seasons. Look at Template:Bryan, Texas navbox for a typical small-town example, or Template:Cleveland, Ohio navbox for a larger city with a more extensive history. Don't forget to add the navbox you've created near the bottom of each team and ballpark page linked on your navbox. (Many ballpark pages already have the navbox linked.) While you're at it, feel free to create a stub page for the city; see Bryan, Texas or Cleveland, Ohio for examples.

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