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Location Florida
Year 1884
Modern address Tampa FL
City Tampa
State FL
Found by Bruce Allardice

Quesada, Baseball in Tampa Bay, pp. 7, 16, says that baseball teams were organized by Tampa residents in the 1880s. And Tampa had a team in the first short-lived Florida State League in 1892.

Note: I was forced to put "1884" in rather than a range of years, becuase the system didn't allow inputting a range. I chose 1884 at random.

The "Sporting Life," Jan. 24, 1891: "Ocala, Fla., Jan. 17--Editor Sporting Life--The Tamp base ball champions of southern Florida in the past few years crossed bats with the Ocala "Greats" last Friday..." with Ocala winning 9 to 1. This implies Tampa baseball had been going on for years prior to 1891--to the mid 80s or so--and perhaps earlier.


Quesada, Baseball in Tampa Bay, pp. 7, 16; Sporting Life, Jan. 24, 1891.

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