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Year 1860
City Brooklyn
State NY
Country USA
Description First Game Played on Ice Skates
Found by Bill Ryczek

Ice skating was a popular winter pastime before the Civil War. The first of several base ball games played on ice occurred in 1860, and involved members of the Atlantic and the Charter Oak Base Ball Clubs. A crowd of 8000 to 10000 was estimated to have watched the contest, held at a Brooklyn pond.

Ice base ball reportedly use a deadened ball to keep it contained to the playing area, a bound rule, and an allowance to overrun bases (short controlled slides being impractical).


William Ryczek, When Johnny Came Sliding Home (McFarland, 1998), p 55-56. Ryczek cites the Clipper, December 31, 1864 as the source. He reports that cricket matches on ice were also reported (Clipper, February 2, 1867).

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