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Year 1924
Month 10
Date 3
Note on date First Game
City Philadelphia and Kansas City
State PA and MO
Country US
Description First Colored World Series

In 1924, the Hilldale Giants and the Kansas City Monarchs met in the initial Colored World Series. Judy Johnson, Biz Mackey, Jose Mendez, Bullet Joe Rogan, and Louis Santop were in the lineups. The first game took place on October 3, 1924, at the Baker Bowl in Philadelphia.

Kansas City won the series, 5 games to 4.


Larry Lester, Baseball's First Colored World Series: The 1924 Meeting of the Hilldale Giants And Kansas City Monarchs (McFarland, 2006).

An introduction by the author is found at http://www.larrylester42.com/intro-baseball-s-first-colored-world-series/.

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