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Year 1880
Month 9
Date 2
City Nantasket
State MA
Country US
Description First Night Game Played Under Lights

From Oscar Eddleton's "Under the Lights", published in the 1980 Baseball Research Journal:

"[O]n Thursday, September 2, 1880, teams representing two of Boston's prominent department stores, Jordan Marsh and Company and R. H. White and Company, played a game of baseball at Nantasket Bay on an oceanside site near Hull, Massachusetts. The game, ostensible played for a $50 stake, ended in a 16-16 tie. This game would have held no historic value and would long since have been forgotten had it not been for one unique feature. It was the first baseball game ever played at night "under the lights."

A fuller description of the game follows in the linked article.


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