Early baseball in Arizona

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Items on the following lists with greyed out text have not yet been approved, and are not yet included in official data.

Early games

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Site NY Rules? Team 1 Team 2
View game Camp Date Creek 1871 10 Likely
View game Camp McDowell 1875 1 Likely Light Foot club of the 8th Infantry Shamrock club of the 5th Cavalry
View game Prescott 1876 5 21 The "Plaza" in Prescott Likely Champion BBC of Prescott Whipple BBC of Fort Whipple
View game Tucson 1877 12 2 In front of the school building Yes Lone Star BBC of Tucson Worth BBC of Camp Lowell
View game Phoenix 1896 1 1 Yes Phoenix Los Angeles
View game Fort Grant 1872 12 25 Likely

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Early clubs

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Nickname
View club Camp Grant 1874 6 7 Neversink
View club Camp McDowell 1875 Light Foot, Shamrock
View club Prescott 1876 Champion
View club Tucson 1875 1 Independence
View club Camp Verde 1876 11 Brayton BBC
View club Tombstone 1882 Tombstone, San Pedro
View club Phoenix 1879 12 Phoenix BBC
View club Yuma 1874 2 Yuma City BBClub
View club Prescott 1866 8

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Predecessor games

Page (click to view) City Year Month Day Name of game Game notes

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