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Location Massachusetts
Year 1781
City Cambridge
State MA
Country US
Name of game Game at Ball

– And that no other person was present in said area, except a boy who, they say was playing with a Ball – From the testimony some of the persons in the kitchen it appeared that the company there assembled were very noisy –That some game at Ball was played –That some of the company called on the Boy to keep tally; which Boy was seen by the same person, repeated by running after the Ball, with a penknife & stick in his hand, on which stick notches were cut –That a Person who tarried at home at Dr. Appleton's was alarmed by an unusual noise about three o'clock, & on looking out the window, saw in the opening between Hollis & Stoughton, four or five persons, two of whom were stripped of their coats, running about, sometimes stooping down & apparently throwing something . . ." Posted to 19CBB by Kyle DeCicco-Carey [date?] Source: Harvard College Faculty Records (Volume IV, 1775-1781), call number UAIII 5.5.2, page 220 (1781). Harvard is in Cambridge MA.

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