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This page will link to all help pages, as they are created. If there is a topic that you think should be covered, please add a note to the discussion page (see tab at top).

Basic editing

These topics are directed at anyone who wishes to edit the Encyclopedia - they contain basic information on how to make edits and understand the Encyclopedia.

  • Articles: The scope of the Encyclopedia and articles in the Encyclopedia.
  • How to edit a page: Basics on syntax, editing, and saving.
  • Citing sources: Help on including citations from different sources, and how to create footnotes
  • Structure of non-person articles
  • People
    • Adding a page for a person: How and when to create a page for a person not represented in the Encyclopedia
    • Brief biographical outlines: Recommendations for structuring the content of articles on people, when all you have is miscellaneous information from individual newspaper articles or media guides.
    • Editing demographic information: How and when to update demographic information, including names, height and weight, batting and throwing hands, and dates and places of birth or death.
    • Linking to people: Adding links to people who may or may not be in the Encyclopedia.
    • Categories for people: Categories organizing people by roles inside and outside of baseball, and templates for placing person articles in those categories.
    • Career timelines: How to specify formally the roles a person played in his or her baseball career.
  • How to use discussion pages - What to put there, why to put it there, how to put it.
  • Math formulas - How to insert math formulas into articles on statistics.
  • Discussion pages - Why there are "Talk" pages for articles, and how to use them.


These topics describe specific projects in the Encyclopedia. They are good reading for anyone interested in these projects.

Advanced Topics

These topics are primarily of interest to people who are interested in the Encyclopedia as a project. These articles all go beyond the process of doing research into topics like moderating submissions, standards, and policies.

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